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Moved blog – please update your links/subscriptions

I have moved this blog to Please update your links/subscriptions. RSS for new address is here.


Started another blog on Tumblr

Started a tumblog.  Check it out.

T-Mobile commits web anti-marketing blunder

Amazing super-blunder.  What were they thinking…

More on England’s failure

To follow up on yesterday’s post, Tony makes some very good points in this article.  Definitely worth reading.

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England crashes out of Euro 2008

Much has been written about this but the NY Times takes the cake with this offering.  Apparently, Sir Alex and David Beckham disagree about English football being completely broken.   Roy Keane is on to something.  Not sure he is correct but I do think the problem is more mental than physical.

Much has also been made of the fact that the EPL has so many non-English players and that this somehow has contributed to the lack of good English players.  This is a convenient excuse but England did not qualify for the 1974 and 1978 world cups either and at that time pretty much all the players in the league were from the UK.  So the problem is not new.  It would be fun to see them play up to their potential in a large tournament.

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Rodrigo y Gabriela Fever Sweeps the Nation

Been listening to this for a while. Everyone likes them. They rock.

Michael Gartenberg becomes a Microsoft evangelist

Michael Gartenberg has left Jupiter and joined Microsoft as an evangelist.  I think he was a good analyst and enjoyed his blog so I am sorry that he will not continue in that capacity.  Will he be a good evangelist for Microsoft?  Time will tell.  Hopefully he talked to Scoble before he took the job so he knows what he is getting into.  If nothing else it will be interesting and I wish him well.