Yahoo is getting out-played

So MSFT just turned up the heat on Yahoo and I agree with Henry Blodget that Yahoo has been out maneuvered. I am not sure that there is much left for Yahoo to do unless some other deal gets done in short order. I also think MSFT has already figured out what kind of quarter Yahoo will announce. They run similar businesses and I am sure they have active benchmarks comparing the businesses. As such they probably know that Yahoo’s quarter will not be that great (pure conjecture on my part). In other words they know what cards Yahoo holds. And other than another deal getting done, having a stellar quarter is probably the only defense Yahoo has left.

For those saying this proves that MSFT is evil, I am not sure what they are on about. This is business, pure and simple. MSFT is doing something that they think will improve the value of MSFT. That is actually their responsibility as a public company.

Update: BTW I told you MSFT has a plan.


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