UK Internet users could be banned over illegal downloads

Here we go.  I am amazed that there is not more outrage about this.  Don’t people care about the civil liberties?  This is so over the top.  BPI says that ISPs should stop hiding “behind bogus privacy arguments”.  What is bogus about privacy?  It seems fundamental to democracy and the way we live.  And ISPs should show “corporate responsibility and partner with us to allow our digital creative economy to grow”.  Well, the digital economy has grown substantially in the last 10 years.  Witness Google, mobile phones and 1000s of startups.  Why is that the music industry is unable to make their “economy” grow?  Legislation has never helped to rescue industries facing major change.  It’s been tried with subsidies and more and it does not work.  Why do legislators do this?  There is a ton of demand for music products.  Evolve already.


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