Ultimate Ears – Worst Warranty/Registration Policy

I just bought Ultimate Ears earphones (actually they are in-ear monitors). I have tried them a bit and like them. I will post more about how I like them later after more extending listening (flying for 16+ hours this weekend).

What I hate is the registration/warranty policy. They have a little piece of paper in the packaging that says “you must register to immediately for the 2 year warranty coverage”. This seems inane and archaic. The days of having to give up your personal info to have the warranty be valid should be long gone. Well, I still want my warranty so I go to their website. And it gets worse, because they then say “Please fill out the registration form below to register your ultimate ears product and receive product news and information”. So as a special present for registering I get spam from Ultimate Ears. Their is no opt-out option. And they want my phone number and address as well. I told them I would return their product unless they changed their policy. Is it just me or does this seem very backwards?

 Update: they say you don’t have to register to get your warranty coverage.   Less than 24 hour response via email which was nice to see.  They still have not clarified the paper slip in the packaging that seems to contradict what they are saying.  Will let you know.


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