EMI & Apple – Better quality audio!

So everything has probably already been said about the news that EMI will be making their catalogue available without DRM but no one seems to talking about the fact that they are now using 256 kbps AAC.  It’s been a while since the music industry has pushed quality and I think this is a healthy sign.  Most MP3 and AAC tracks that buy or download are really of terrible quality and this at least raises the bar.  As I stated in earlier posts, music is primal and all people should experience high fidelity audio in all its glory.  It takes that primal experience to another level.  You don’t need to be an audiophile to have this kind of experience but the industry needs to start enabling the music and consumer electronics used to play back the music to deliver the sound of quality that is really possible today.  For too long quality has taken a back seat to price and convenience.  With larger disk drives and faster internet connections, there is no excuse to sacrifice quality any more.  I wonder if Apple will try to make their iPods sound better now that they have taken this step.


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