Flock causes my Macbook Pro to crash

Just an update on my Macbook Pro troubles. I decided to pare down the applications I use to see if that would help. My conclusion is that Flock causes my MBP to crash. This is not scientific but I will refrain from using Flock and we will see how it goes. So far the results are good.


3 responses to “Flock causes my Macbook Pro to crash

  1. I have the same suspicion and I’m now pretty sure Flock is the culprit after seeing this blog entry!

    I have a 17″ 2.16 Core Duo that’s been recently upgraded to 2GB. That’s when the crashes began to happen with Flock. I’ve used Rember with the new 1GB RAM but the reports say there’s nothing wrong.

    I’ve switched to Firefox which is the closest equivalent to Flock. So far so good. I’ll drop by again to update this reply.

  2. Joel,

    I am not so sure anymore. The weirdest thing is that my MBP will all of a sudden randomly reboot 5 times in 24 hours and then not at all for weeks. I still have it after staying away from Flock. I might be dreaming but it seems like the MBP catches a cold after I install updates from Apple. Again a theory but not enough data to prove it.

    See my other post about Flock not really causing the problem.

  3. I updated to firefox and now my Mac OsX crashes..Why?

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