Blackberry just works!

Yesterday morning I was on a flight from Seattle to the Bay Area. I was seated behind a Microsoft VP and I overheard him complaining to his fellow traveler about how he could not get email on his WinMo phone. The fellow traveler complained of the same thing. This is purely anecdotal and who knows the reason for this failure (Microsoft does dogfood their own beta software so who knows). Having said that I still believe that RIM’s email service is more robust than exchange and winmo devices. The point here is that RIM is harder to displace than a lot of people (me included) thought they would be. It basically comes down to a couple of things:

  1. Make something that is simple to use and has value
  2. Make it bullet-proof

So many companies fail to understand this. I really believe the success of the Blackberry and iPod is based on the above (although in the case of the iPod bullet-proof may be overstating it). Short of delivering the above, if you can be significantly better than the competition in the simple and just-works categories, you still have a pretty good shot.


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