Zune – do WSJ and NYT reviews matter??

Walt Mossberg and David Pogue’s reviews went live today and are referenced everywhere.  However, these guys are not exactly the target demographic for MP3 players (nor for some other gear they review).  So do these reviews matter to iPod and potential Zune buyers?

Engadget Zune roundup


2 responses to “Zune – do WSJ and NYT reviews matter??

  1. Unless you are a regular visitor to head-fi.org, these guys are one of the very few (together with Engadget etc.) unbiased mainstream reviewers. They tell things as they are. And they matter because they talk in terms which an average joe user can understand. You’ll never see them them talking about headphone-out vs. line-out and stuff. And lot of people care about that.

  2. I agree they do a good job explaining things in simple terms, however, I guess I am not sure they reach either (i) really mainstream folks (read neither NYT or WSJ) or (ii) younger demographic (who also don’t read either).

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