Let’s make a deal – Zune shares player revenue with labels

So everyone is all atwitter about Zune paying labels for actual player (as opposed to music) revenue.  I guess I don’t get it.  What we have here is 2 large businesses competing with each other.  Until now Apple really has not had competition but now someone is actually pushing the envelope a bit.  Let the chess game begin.

Om says:

Copied music? What a bunch of crap?

Fred says:

But providing a technology platform that allows for the discovery and consumption of music and getting a piece of the action when consumers use that platform makes total sense. This is the beginning of a new way forward. Greed and fear may still get in the way of real progress toward nirvana, but we are getting closer.

Joe Wilcox says:

Nobody partners like Microsoft.

So all interesting viewpoints but all the same, it is very interesting to watch this play out.  And it is just getting started.  Don’t forget that people said the Xbox would never compete with PS2.  Well, things are not looking so shabby for xbox at this point.


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